Alamo Legend, Jim Bowie

Jim Bowie

Welcome to the Landon Wallace website and blog.  I’ll use this section to occasionally provide historical information about the real-life characters who appear in my novel, Come and Take It.  There are many.

Central to the novel is Alamo legend, Jim Bowie.  A great deal has been written about Bowie over the years but it’s his brief time living in Texas in the early 1830’s, along with his penchant for treasure hunting, that inspired this novel. Bowie was lucky to even be alive by the time he moved to San Antonio. Prior to arriving to the city, Bowie had been shot in the leg, cut up in a knife fight, and prosecuted for land speculation.

But the former Wild West rider and bear hunter was a survivor and an adept fighter. He was renowned for his skill with weapons, particularly the large butcher knife he carried wherever he traveled. Bowie was a restless man and could never sit still, even after he married and settled down in San Antonio.

Historical accounts suggest he became fascinated by the lost Los Almagres Mine (otherwise known as the San Saba mine) located somewhere in the Hill Country west of San Antonio. Bowie led two separate expeditions into Indian country to find the mine and its treasure, one time barely escaping a massacre at the hands of a Comanche war party. Speculation abounds that Bowie may have discovered treasure on one of his journeys but most believe he became frustrated and eventually abandoned the search. Who knows? A marker at the Presidio’s gate at San Saba bears the name Bowie Mine 1832 which some believe indicates Bowie successfully completed his mission.

Come and Take It explores another option. What if Bowie found a way to gain his elusive treasure while avoiding the dangerous search in Indian country? What if he discovered a far easier way to gain his fortune? Come and Take It tells the story of how Jim Bowie indeed found his treasure—a huge cache of silver that’s been waiting to be rediscovered ever since Bowie’s death in the Alamo.   LW